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3D animation application making software for creating eye-catching interactive 3D presentations, brief films, games, animated 3D web, etc. Awakening 3D solution include three modules: Scene Player (WindsPlayer.exe), Scene Editor ( Awakening.exe ) and Web3D Player ( supports IE & Firefox family ). Awakening's purpose is some like Flash, but it is native & full 3D. Software can runs in all windows operating systems including vista. With it, you can easily creating eye-catching interactive 3D presentations, animated 3D web, brief film, game. Awakening authoring tool are specially used for product and architectural visualizations, e.g. for sales, support and e-learning purposes, or, for product branding or prototyping. Development presentations are typically used for making short movies, architectural visualizations and product. Awakening is a powerful professional real-time 3D solution. It is comes with simple to use graphical user interface (GUI).

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